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AdsNet is South Africa's premium advertising network, providing digital advertising solutions. Buy, Sell Digital advertising space online. No hassles on how to fill ad slots. Join iGatelist's ad server network, list your domains and add ad locations and advertisers will map ads to your ad slots pending your acceptance. Publishers can earn money from your content and web traffic, with the power to screen ads from competitors. Advertisers can advertise on any subscribing website on our network, preview ad slots and prices. With a Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM) tariff system, advertisers and publishers get the best deal, value for money. We also provide re-targeted ads, banner, text and catalogue ads as tools for your online campaign. Publishers have the option to transfer revenue from their account to advertiser control panel for use on advertising. As such you can easily fund your advertising from your revenue.
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Crispen Matiza
South Africa's advertising network #AdsNett. Buy, Sell digital advertising space online hassle free